3 Craziest Places I’ve Worked Out With My Personal Trainer

April 4, 2024

Who would have thought you could have a personal training session literally anywhere.  HipTrain makes this possible.  The average distance between trainer and student is over 5,000 miles!  Below are some of the craziest places we’ve heard of students taking a HipTrain class.

Between 2 Beds – While it may be tight, between two hotel beds is a surprisingly common place for HipTrain sessions.  Many of our students, while on the road, want to maintain their routines.  Luckily, between two hotel beds is big enough for a mat and big enough to get in a killer workout.

At The Neighborhood Pool – If it is a nice day, why not!  The beauty of HipTrain is that you can take it anywhere – and all you really need is a mat (or a towel).  To be honest, jumping in a pool immediately after a good workout just sounds delightful.

At The Gym – while no equipment is needed for HipTrain workouts, we’ve had several students take their trainers to a space that has fitness equipment to layer in additional strength training.  That extra guidance around “heavier equipment” can help accelerate progress while preventing injuries.