HSA & FSA Approved: Your Pathway to Fitness with HipTrain

Empower Your Fitness Regimen Using Pre-Tax Dollars

Unlock Personal Training with Health Savings Account (HSA) & Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

We are thrilled to introduce the option of using your HSA and FSA funds for HipTrain's bespoke personal training classes. Prioritize your health and fitness, and enjoy an even more budget-friendly avenue to invest in your well-being.

Quick Guide on How to Use Your HSA & FSA with HipTrain:

Payment Selection: When you're ready to checkout, choose HSA or FSA as your desired payment method.

Dive into Your Training: Engage with your personal trainer through our live video conference feature and take a giant leap towards achieving your fitness aspirations.

Why Utilize HSA & FSA on HipTrain?
Maximize the benefits of using pre-tax dollars, leading to noteworthy savings. Seamlessly blend health and fitness into your routine without financial constraints. Gain access to unparalleled training sessions at unbeatably affordable rates.

Are all HipTrain classes available for HSA/FSA payments?
Yes, each and every class is eligible for HSA and FSA payments.

How do I determine if my HSA/FSA plan covers personal training sessions?
It's recommended to touch base with your HSA or FSA provider to understand specifics related to health and wellness service coverage.

Is there a provision to get a receipt for HSA/FSA reimbursement?
Absolutely! Once the payment is processed, a receipt will be promptly emailed to your registered address, which can be used for potential reimbursement purposes.