Become a Trainer

Want to become a HipTrain Trainer?
HipTrain offers a great way to expand a trainer’s ability to connect with new students.  The average distance between student and trainer is over 5,000 miles! We are always looking for new trainers to join us.

If you are interested in joining our team, please click here to start your journey into becoming a HipTrain Trainer.
Why Join HipTrain?
Increase your income
HipTrain connects you with students anywhere in the globe.
Maximize your free time
HipTrain sessions can be conducted anywhere, back-to-back, to maximize your schedule. No more traveling to meet students at the gym or their house.

How Does It Work?
You manage your time.
We schedule according to your availability. We offer students half an hour and hourly classes so you can maximize your time and your earnings.
Recurring sessions.
We always intend to keep the same students with the same trainers.  A strong bond is core to creating consistency.

What do you need to be a HipTrain Personal Trainer?
Strong English level.
Right now, most of our clients come from the United States. So, we need trainers with strong English speaking skills.

Experience as a fitness professional.
Although we provide a class structure to guide our trainers and several session examples, we need HipTrain trainers to have previous experience as a fitness professional.
Great device and connectivity.
Classes are online, so you need a good internet service and a good device (notebook, tablet or phone) that can support a video conference call.

Our trainers love HipTrain…

“With HipTrain I can occupy my dead hours as a trainer and maximize my incomes” Juan

“HipTrain Team is really helpful as they guided me through every step in the process to become an international trainer” Gabriel

“Unlike a regular trainer job, with HipTrain i decide my availability and they pay me every week in dollars” Agus