Why Personal Training Changed My Life

April 4, 2024

While always active in my youth and playing multiple sports throughout my high school and college years, I never stayed consistent with exercise in my adult years.  I would go through fads, getting in shape and then ultimately losing momentum.  Later with kids and work expectations, consistent exercise became even more elusive, until I got a personal trainer.  

I had never considered getting a personal trainer as I thought it would be too expensive, until I was introduced to virtual personal training with HipTrain.  HipTrain has changed my life for the following reasons

  1. I really like my trainer.  After months of seeing each other a few times a week, he is now my friend.  We know about each other’s families (he is very close with his Greek grandfather), music tastes, and bits and pieces of our life’s story.  This relationship is a big driver in me staying consistent.  When I don’t really want to work out, I still want to see my trainer, forcing me to show-up.  At the end of the session, I’m always glad I got the sweat in.
  1. The workouts are completely personalized.  When I started, I wanted to focus on core strength specifically.  After about 6 weeks of this, I began to get a little bored of just core and suggested something different.  We began working with kettlebells because I had one.  Now two months later, I have 4 kettlebells and we have layered in all sorts of kettlebell routines into each of our sessions, which has benefited me greatly physically and been really fun to learn.
  1. It takes place where I am.  I now work from home and can easily schedule my day around my home workout.  It’s just another calendar invite in my day full of calendar invites.  End a work meeting, get a session in, and then go back to work.  Even on an extended stay overseas visiting my wife’s family, I’ve still been able to participate in my sessions – as long as I have a wifi connection, I have a personal trainer with HipTrain.